July 18 – Terrific Taco Tuesday

July 19, 2017   Published by

With camp losing forty boys to trips today, the energy had to be supplied by a small cast of remaining campers! The members of Cabin 8 journeyed out to go Lazy River tubing, while numerous Upper Campers sallied forth for an epic three-day mountain biking trip! And bringing up the rear are our Beavers who... Read More »

July 17 – A Case of the Mondays

July 18, 2017   Published by

The week opened with badges flowing across camp! The first day of Week 4 saw Jakie G. get his Junior Bushcraft, Alex P. and Joaquim B. smash their way to their Junior Tennis badges, and Owen Y. receive both his Fire Rights and his Senior Nature badge! Nature was busy today as Junior badges were... Read More »

July 16 – Spy Party!

July 17, 2017   Published by

Another Sunday, another day packed with good food and wild adventures! Breakfast saw huge plates of eggs and sausage ladled out in preparation for one of the best days of the week. Soon after, the kids rushed out to clean the barracks in another fierce day of inspection competition. Owls Perch were feeling confident after... Read More »

July 15 – Toga! Toga!

July 17, 2017   Published by

Owl’s Perch awoke to find the Midnight Phantom had struck in the night! Potatoes littered their beds and floor in a bizarre spectacle of late night mischief (rumor has it that several members of Owl’s were arguing with Counselor Andy about Ireland’s love of spuds). After collecting themselves and heading down to Flagpole, camp got... Read More »

July 13 – Turtles and Tegus and Snakes, Oh My!

July 14, 2017   Published by

Rain came pouring off the sides of the cabins as camp arose to a dreary, drizzly morning. The atmosphere this morning was sluggish and reserved, so it was a perfect day to recuperate and chill out indoors. After a big breakfast of eggs and potatoes, the campers got their cabins as tidy as could be... Read More »

July 12 – Liquid Sunshine!

July 13, 2017   Published by

It seemed like any other day in Waterford, until the weather decided to test our fortitude! The morning and afternoon were filled with intermittent rain showers that sent us scurrying for cover. But camp persevered courageously and carried forth an epic day of activities! Up on the field, Nicolas O. and Paul G. earned their... Read More »

July 11 – Get Active Day!

July 12, 2017   Published by

Highlights: “Get Active Day” – Mike declared that every camper must sign up for one active activity (tennis, baseball, soccer, volleyball, lacrosse, and basketball). Lower Camp vs Upper Camp Basketball game The Hunt – Evening activity was the hunt.  The whole camp tries to move from the waterfront path through game, up the hill to... Read More »

July 10 – Sharks and Minnows

July 11, 2017   Published by

A sunny Monday kicked off with a “Good Morning Maine!” echo across the silent lake. The Cubs II session kicked off with gusto as our new campers launched into activities, intent on getting badges. Plenty of big accomplishments were achieved as Ben G. and Navid N. received their Senior Badges in Kayaking after battling with... Read More »


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