August 4 – Rain? No Problem!

August 5, 2017   Published by

One look at the lake told camp everything they needed to know about the day: rain was a’comin. A thick cloud of fog blanketed the field and lake as camp rose to a breakfast of pancakes and bacon. The weather forecast was calling for scattered rain showers in the afternoon, so the kids braced themselves... Read More »

Our MWA guys reported in today!

August 5, 2017   Published by

All is well on MWA!  Here are a few pics they sent to us. Gordon celebrated his birthday with breakfast in bed, thanks to Will M.        

August 3 – Hungarian Hijinks!

August 4, 2017   Published by

A foggy Wednesday at BRC had camp convinced that we were thousands of miles up in the clouds! To celebrate the opening of Sky Camp, we started our day with egg and sausage sandwiches preceded by some hefty oatmeal. To top it all off, the CITs created a human ladder for fill-in Head Counselor Jake... Read More »

August 2 – Here’s to Hugh!

August 2, 2017   Published by

Hugh Swam His Whale!  Nice job, Hugh! Super Camper today was Hugh.  He swam his whale. Gage Wheeler, our amazing blog writer, will return tomorrow.  Stay tuned.  

August 1 – Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit!

August 1, 2017   Published by

Wishing for good luck to carry us through the rest of the month, everyone woke up bright and early on a muggy August morning. With everyone sleepy and content to lay in bed, the staff had to break out some Type 2 fun to get the energy going! Two whales in the water got camp... Read More »

July 31 – Mimic Monday

August 1, 2017   Published by

The day started off with a bang as staff members warned campers of shadowy creatures called “Mimics” hiding in our trunks! Liam V. even emerged from a trunk as a Mimic for an announcement, leading to the day being referred to as “Mimic Monday”. As the first day of Week Six, campers and counselors alike... Read More »

July 30 – War Games and Warm Fuzzies

July 31, 2017   Published by

Maniacal laughter rang through the Oxford Hills as camp awoke to the Gamemaster ringing the bell! The crazed bard hopped around campus with joy, alerting all to battle. Once the boys had seen the team lineups on the bulletin board, they knew what was coming: an afternoon filled with WARGAMES! The most popular Sunday activity... Read More »

July 29 – Viking Central

July 30, 2017   Published by

A sunny Saturday started off with chocolate chip pancakes and sausage links, followed by a flurry of activities! Volleyball set up a new, state of the art net, while baseball had a Home Run Derby (the afternoon saw the opening of the Wiffleball World Series as well). As everyone fell into the routine of activities,... Read More »

July 28 – Mediterranean Medley

July 29, 2017   Published by

What a way to end the week! Friday proved to be jam-packed with energy and creativity! Starting off the morning, Sheriff Dill Pickle came into town with plenty of citations to hand out for untucked shirts and poor manners. He had his hands full during the morning, but camp soon got the message and shaped... Read More »

July 27 – Fingers Crossed!

July 28, 2017   Published by

While the weather forecast threatened rain all day, camp remained undeterred by the dark cloud cover! The BRC Morning Radio Show awoke camp this morning, informing them of all their entertainment and world news needs. Once everyone scarfed down a breakfast of eggs and home fries, inspection went into full force! Upper Camp brought their... Read More »


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