August 11 – That’s A Wrap!

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It’s finally upon us. The last day of camp! How do you summarize a summer of such excellence and fellowship? Well, a good way to start it is to celebrate a pillar of camp. The staff gathered together at breakfast and sang a rowdy rendition of “Gaston” from Beauty and the Beast, substituting the name Gaston with Gor-don to congratulate him on ten years at the Rock! Afterwards, Director Rich Deering gave some touching words to our fill-in MWA leader and Campcraft extraordinaire. Here’s to you, Gordon. You’re the man!

Once the cheering was over, the campers headed back to their cabins to fold up their trunks extra tight and strip their beds (Bob was awfully confused when he went around for inspection and found camp tucking away their things). The morning was mellow and relaxed as music floated out of lower camp cabins and upper campers lent a hand wherever it was needed. To top it all off, the camp went down for a refreshing general and headed back up the hill for a rest period spent cuddled up in their sleeping bags.

Being Friday, lunch could only mean one thing: PIZZA! The last Pizza Friday of 2017 was a smash hit, and featured a wide variety of pizza including but not limited to Hawaiian, BBQ chicken, pepperoni, veggie, and so many more. The boys gorged and anxiously awaited to hear the results of the poll taken three days prior that would decide the afternoon activity! With bated breath, Counselor Noah announced the return of Espionage!

The Soviets and Americans battled it out across campus while trying to crack the code, all while the Cosmonauts brokered between both sides and tried to gain the upper hand. At the end of the day, the spacemen soared! Cosmonauts took the victory after solving the code word “Eager Glacier” (the name of a famous reconnaissance plane sent behind the Iron Curtain during the height of the Cold War).

The last general of the year went swimmingly (I guess the last pun of the blog wasn’t half bad either, eh?) Once second rest ended, camp gathered at Flagpole and ate a fantastic dinner of finger foods, including pigs in a blanket, egg rolls, and meatballs. To end the night, we journeyed down to the Birch Rock and gave a heartfelt chip ceremony to close out BRC’s 91st season. Director Rich commented that it was the most articulated and emotional chip ceremony that he has seen in his 45 years at the Rock.

Tomorrow, our boys will head back to their homes and carry on with their regular lives. But fortunately, we all got a fantastic summer in! Swimming in the lake, traversing the wilderness, facing adversity, and achieving goals we never thought possible. How could it get better than that? Now the curtain falls on another smashing year at the happiest place on earth. Stay tuned for the last blog entry tomorrow!


Best Cabin: Omar’s

Best Bed: Zach Lashley

Super Camper: Alex Li

Best Finger Food: Pigs in a Blanket


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