August 4 – Rain? No Problem!

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One look at the lake told camp everything they needed to know about the day: rain was a’comin. A thick cloud of fog blanketed the field and lake as camp rose to a breakfast of pancakes and bacon. The weather forecast was calling for scattered rain showers in the afternoon, so the kids braced themselves for an afternoon of indoor activities. But while the morning was still being cooperative, we decided to take advantage of it!

With the Wolves heading out on an overnight trip, it was up to the Beavers to hold down Lower Camp. Michael K. earned his Knife Rights today at Campcraft, while George T. earned his Junior Tennis badge despite putting away six pieces of pizza at lunch! Not to be outdone, George’s older brother Charlie earned his Junior Art badge up at Chief’s after creating an awesome color wheel. In other news, Chase B. earned his Junior Soccer badge after beating Counselor Andy in a penalty shootout, and Sam R. flew from Seal Rock to Wazyiatah and completed a high-speed Seal! Down on the water, Cheilang L. completed his Junior Boating badge once he named all the parts of the boat, and Avid Reader badges went out to Danny M. and Michael M.

The sun poked its face out of the clouds for a few brief moments at lunch, only to be shrouded by rain clouds and thunder during third period. Campers scurried to the boathouse, where games of foosball and ping-pong raged. Fortunately, the rain wasn’t here to stay! By the end of fourth period, the sun was out and shining again, meaning perfect temperatures for an afternoon general. Second rest saw a game of tag football break out in Upper Camp, while the remaining Beavers held impromptu dance parties in their cabins. It was a wild, wacky day of wicked weather which woke up the wild side in everyone!

Applesauce and pork greeted us at dinner, followed by an unexpected dessert of chocolate milk (which had been requested by Jeffery Napier Kane, who turns sixteen today!). To celebrate their cabin mate’s birthday, the guys in Pete’s Palace led camp in evening activity. The game tonight (aptly named Tossed Salad) included a round of the Hunt, a round of Orb, a round of Capture the Flag, and a round of Quorum. Anarchy ensued, and everyone went to bed pooped! But remain weary, for Saturday is bringing plenty of surprises with it. Who knows what will happen at the craziest Campfire of all time? Stay tuned for more!
Best Cabin: Cabin 8

Best Bed: Campbell H.

Super Camper: Michael M.

Best Region for Weather Changes: The Oxford Hills




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