August 6 – Races, Ragnarok, and Role Models

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How do you do justice to one of the best days of the year? Well, I’ll try my best!

Hot on the heels of an extraordinary Campfire, Sunday proved to be another day chock full o’ fun! It all kicked off with a Viking invasion from the waterfront (courtesy of Halfthor the Bewildered and several CITs). A massive warship brought the Viking king to the shores of Biroca, where he announced that a new game would be played in honor of his conquests!

But before the plunder could begin, the boys had to get showered up and prepare for one of the most thrilling of competitions: The BRC Triathlon! The field was stacked this year, including Jack Fl, Seth B, Hugh J, David C, Matthew Sch, Matt St, Andrew Ch, Cooper D, Gus T, Sam R, James N, Jonah K, and Jeffery N-K! Swimming alongside the Upper Campers was an expo team of Lower Campers, including Sam K for the swim, Jackson M for the biking, and Lukas F on the run. The triathlon this year consisted of a swim across the lake, a six-mile bike ride up McWain Hill Road, and a mile run back to campus where loads of spectators cheered the runners back in! This year, the triathlon was the tightest it’s ever been. There were sprints down the driveway between runners as they tried to edge out the competition, and the end results were spectacular! Mr. Andrew C claimed first place in a stunning show of endurance, while Cooper D held on to second. Mr. Matt Sch beat Lukas F in a thrilling last second sprint on the driveway to capture third. What a race!

While our finest athletes were duking it out on across the lake, Lower Camp was getting squeaky clean and writing letters home! Once everyone had rested from the excitement and mailed their letters, it was time for the last Sunday dinner of the year. The kitchen certainly delivered, and brought out a turkey dinner that was to die for! Peas, roasted golden potatoes, and stuffing filled our plates as we reflected on the week. By the time the meal had ended and everyone was enjoying Jon’s famous brownies, Halfthor emerged from the woods and announced the teams for Ragnarok!

The new game was comprised of three stages that pitted three separate teams against each other to gain the favor of the king. Stage 1 was an invasion of the village (Lower Camp) to find as many jewels (Easter Eggs) as possible. The competition heated up in Stage 2, as each team had to move a payload filled with treasure to the Upper Camp firepit, all while being attacked by the minions of Hel and other teams. The Red Clan took round one, courtesy of the brilliant leadership of Cooper D and Cheilang L. It was a different story for Round 2, however, as the Black Team led a miraculous charge behind Price M and George A. It all came down to the final stage, where the objective was to get past Hel’s minions (the staff) and kill Hel himself! The teams collided at the backstop as campers fought their way past the staff and killed the demon king!

To celebrate the victory, we all cooled off with a well-deserved general and cheered on Gus V. and Abe T. who just finished their Seals! Everyone anxiously awaited the results of inspection, until it was revealed that Eagle’s Nest had taken Sunday inspection for a third time this year! After Flagpole, we enjoyed a spaghetti and meatball dinner, followed by a tranquil Tree Talk headed by the senior campers. Each one of our finest gentlemen on campus discussed their role models at camp and how we can all emulate their behavior.

It was an awesome way to end Week 6, and we’re in the homestretch now. Morale is high, energy is good, and the salty snacks are flowing. Now let’s get ready for the best week of the summer! Stay tuned for more!

Best Cabin: Eagle’s Nest

Best Bed: Eyob G.

Super Camper: Theo T.

Super Viking: Leif Erikson

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