August 7 – Just A Regular Day… Right?

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With one of the last regular activity days upon us, camp was forced to dial back the crazy and focus on the hard stuff. Badge parts went flying today as instructors started wrapping up the year, especially down on the water! Two monumental Whales went out this morning, as Andrew C. and Noah B. circled the lake and lived to tell the tale. On top of two great Whales, a myriad of Loons went out to Aidan S., Colin S., Quinn C., and Jackson M.!

To start off the day, Kenneth D. earned his Junior Craftsmen at Woodshop after constructing an awesome stuff box! Down on the water, Mateo F. earned his Senior Sailing thanks to the steady wind in the afternoon. Up at the library, Josh R. tossed aside tomes to earn his Veracious Reader badge, and George T. and Danny M. honed their perspective skills to earn their Junior Artists! To top it all off, three Junior Mountain Biking badges went out to Sam K., Lukas F., and Jackson M. for their effort in constructing a new trail through Swamptown.

By the afternoon, dark thunder clouds started rolling through the Oxford Hills Region yet again. Fortunately, we were able to wrap up activities without interruption and head into the Lodge for a top-notch meal of chicken n’ biscuits. After dinner, the rain came down in earnest after drizzling all afternoon. With the field out of play, Counselor Pete announced the opening of the BRC Cinema for the first time this session! The Lower Campers piled into the Boat House to watch The Lion King, and Upper Camp claimed the basement of the Lodge to watch The Princess Bride.

With only a single day left of regular activities, the heat is on to finish badges and end the summer with a bang. Can we fit it all in and go home with a couple more badges for our banners? Stay tuned for more!


Best Cabin: Bee’s Hive

Best Bed: Quinn C.

Super Camper: Andrew C. and Noah B.

Best NFL Walk-On: Vince Papale, ’76 Eagles


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