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He Can Haul His Own Load

January 30, 2017   Published by

Every summer I take a backpacking and fishing trip in the backcountry of the Rocky Mountains with five of my friends from college and high school. This past August, we included some of our teenage boys on the trip for the first time. It was an exciting transition for all of us, although a couple of... Read More »

8.16.16 – A Slow News Day

August 17, 2016   Published by

It’s been a quiet day at Birch Rock, out on the edge of Lake McWain. After a double late wake-up, Janice arrived mid-morning, gassed up the Walker, and mowed the rejuvenated grass around the Lodge. Around the same time, the buzz of a power washer from the vicinity of the Lower Washhouse meant Charlie was... Read More »

The Opposite of Spoiled

March 23, 2015   Published by

Birch Rock gets kudos in a popular new book on parenting. In “The Opposite of Spoiled” New York Times columnist Ron Lieber explores how to raise kids who are ‘grounded, generous, and smart about money.’ Lieber is worried about the societal impact of raising materialistic children. To counter that, in his chapter entitled “The Luckiest,”... Read More »

Many amazing generations!

February 16, 2015   Published by

I marvel at how many generations of campers I have seen grow up on campus, become key staff members, and then move on to remarkable careers—inviting me to graduations, weddings, and other important moments of their lives. I have been at Birch Rock since I was a 12 year old camper, and I grew up... Read More »

Anyone lucky enough

January 30, 2015   Published by

Anyone lucky enough to have spent a summer between the stone walls on a certain hillside in East Waterford, Maine, knows it is a singular place, a sacred spot tucked away among the trees and hidden just out of view of passersby like a well-kept secret. Yet, as proud and protective as any Birch Rocker... Read More »

Re-entry and Camp’s Lasting Gifts, by Seth Wheeler

August 12, 2012   Published by

Well, my boy is back home and it didn’t take him long to update his Facebook profile, check his text messages and get caught up on his favorite TV shows. At first glance, you’d never know this was a kid who’d just spent the past seven weeks in the Maine woods – completely unplugged –... Read More »

Camp Sickness

August 12, 2012   Published by

It happens every time I leave Birch Rock. Saying my goodbyes is wrenching. For days after watching the Rock fade in the rear view mirror, I feel blue and distracted. But this time, I’ve got a really bad case of camp-sickness. I got a Birch Rock Cheer in the last moments, and I’ll never be... Read More »

Top 10 Joys of a Birch Rock Parent (and One Sorrow)

August 5, 2012   Published by

10. Your son has not touched a computer for umpteen days, and counting. 9. He has survived homesickness, unfamiliar food, the 7:15 wake-up bell, lake water, tucking in his shirt, strict table manners, and all types of rules and regulations.


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