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August 20 – Family Camp 2017

August 21, 2017   Published by

Woah! Let me catch my breath. Since late Thursday afternoon, this camp has been buzzing. But not with boys running up and down the hill at lightning speeds, or boys vying to earn badges. This weekend, Birch Rock Camp for Boys was peopled with families who spruced up camp one final time as Birch Rock... Read More »

Come join us in Boston on April 2nd!

March 23, 2017   Published by

Birch Rock has decided to celebrate spring with another social gathering in the Greater Boston Area.   We hope you can join us!!  You are our best camp ambassadors!!  If you know of anyone that might interested in the Birch Rock Community, please invite them to join us during this “spring into summer” event! Here... Read More »

Reading is Cool at Birch Rock

March 2, 2017   Published by

Whatever your age, it’s hard to beat relaxing with a book on a lazy summer afternoon while sprawled out on your bed, a couch, a bench, or kicked back in a big Adirondack chair in the shade. No wonder reading is so popular at Birch Rock. While there’s plenty of action packed into each day... Read More »

8.16.16 – A Slow News Day

August 17, 2016   Published by

It’s been a quiet day at Birch Rock, out on the edge of Lake McWain. After a double late wake-up, Janice arrived mid-morning, gassed up the Walker, and mowed the rejuvenated grass around the Lodge. Around the same time, the buzz of a power washer from the vicinity of the Lower Washhouse meant Charlie was... Read More »

The Opposite of Spoiled

March 23, 2015   Published by

Birch Rock gets kudos in a popular new book on parenting. In “The Opposite of Spoiled” New York Times columnist Ron Lieber explores how to raise kids who are ‘grounded, generous, and smart about money.’ Lieber is worried about the societal impact of raising materialistic children. To counter that, in his chapter entitled “The Luckiest,”... Read More »

Many amazing generations!

February 16, 2015   Published by

I marvel at how many generations of campers I have seen grow up on campus, become key staff members, and then move on to remarkable careers—inviting me to graduations, weddings, and other important moments of their lives. I have been at Birch Rock since I was a 12 year old camper, and I grew up... Read More »

August 5th, Triathalon and Turkey Day!

August 5, 2012   Published by

Best Bed: Victor S. Best Cabin: Cabin 5 Super Camper: Patrick McL Twelve intrepid gentlemen participated in our annual Triathalon today! Sunday Supper was turkey and all the trimmings. The kitchen staff got a rousing Birch Rock cheer for the delicious meal. Ever popular cross-camp-capture-the-flag followed, with a much needed refreshing general swim completing the... Read More »

Friday August 3rd, Day-40

August 3, 2012   Published by

Super Camper: Wade W Best Bed: Nick D Best Cabin: 8 Today was another spectacular day at BRC! Breakfast was hot oatmeal followed by a ham and cheese quiche with fresh fruit. Lunch was PIZZA FRIDAY!! Everyone LOVES PIZZA friday!


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