Directors & Trustees




Lisa Bozzelli, P’10s, Arlington, VA
Ryck Birch,’70s, S’80s, P’10s, Natick, MA
Toby Brewster,’60s, S’80s, P’10s, Concord, NH
Becca Brewster, S’90s, P’10s, Concord, NH
Seth Brewster, ‘60s, S’80s, P’00s, South Portland, ME
Francie Campbell, P’00s, New York, NY
Michael Castelli, P’10s, Arlington, VA
Bob Cleaves, ‘60s, S’70s, P’00s, South Portland, ME
Nancy Dreyer, P’00s, Newton, MA
JoJo Herzig, P’10s, New York, NY
Peter Herzig, ‘70s, S’80s, New York, NY
Michael Herzig, ‘70s, S’80s, P’10s, New York, NY
Fred Howard, ‘70s, P’00s, Scarborough, ME
Hoddy Klein, P’10s, Skillman, NJ
Julie McLaughlin, P’00s, Princeton, NJ
Mark McLaughlin, P’00s, Princeton, NJ
Jennifer Rotman, P;10s, Westwood, MA
Richard Rotman, P’10s, Westwood, MA
Bob Stone, ‘60s, P’90s, Winchester, MA
Beverly Stone, P’ 90s, Winchester, MA
Maria Tringale, P’10s, Medford, MA
Paul Tringale, P’10s, Medford, MA
Bob Tuffy, P’ 00s, Hanover, MA
David Weeks, S’70s, P’00s, Ellicott City, MD
Arlene Whichard, P’10s, Waterford, ME
Bruce Whichard, P’10s, Waterford, ME
Libby Whittier, P’10s, Cape Elizabeth, ME
Steve Whittier, P’10s, Cape Elizabeth, ME

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