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Welcome to the Best Summer Camp in Waterford Maine

Best Summer Camp in Waterford Maine

Birch Rock is truly a beguiling place. As the premier summer camp in Waterford Maine, Birch Rock boasts a picture-perfect lake, towering pines, white-washed cabins, and welcoming that stirs up tremendous excitement for parents as well as campers.

But parents catch only a glimpse of the enchantment here, and start out with just a sketch of Birch Rock’s rituals, daily life, traditions and remarkable people.

The Council, our parent-to-parent network, was created to paint a better picture of this vibrant camp. First-time parents, in particular, want lots of information to take in. The impressions, stories and wisdom of veteran parents can be very helpful for newcomers struggling with questions and jitters about sending their young sons to sleep-away camp.

We write newsletters filled with staff interviews, tales of camp traditions, and words of encouragement for those who choose the richness of a Birch Rock experience for their sons. Our commitment is to strengthen bonds with like-minded families who choose this nature-oriented, traditional camp. None of us want to see this way of life for boys vanish, and we make this back-to-basics choice with pride.

Best Summer Camp in Waterford MaineIt must be recognized, though, that the initial adjustment to camp isn’t simple for boys or for their parents. Parents worry and kids can feel homesick. But in the process, we all become a bit more resilient. Dads and Moms can feel terrific about giving their sons more independence. Campers flourish when they prove to themselves that they’re up for the challenges and have a great time!

Sometimes the parent-to-parent connections really are best at assuaging concerns. Veteran parents share your perspective (and have first-hand experience with the range of issues). Any Birch Rock parent or prospective parent with questions is encouraged to speak with Council members. Please call or email the camp office to ask for contact information.

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