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“Miles away from the pressures of school, my son began to unwind and let down his guard…he was so happy, he couldn’t wait to show us his badges and woodworking projects. And when we picked him up in August, I noticed a new confidence, not to mention new bed-making skills. He has now spent five summers at the ‘Rock.’ We are thrilled to have found this camp!” – Birch Rock Parent

Boys Sleepaway Camp in Waterford MaineProud achievements, fast friendships, and great fun are the rewards of a summer at Birch Rock – one of the best sleep away camps in Waterford Maine. For boys 7 to 16, we offer the finest of a vanishing experience: traditional rustic camping in a small, supportive community that will capture their hearts.

Birch Rock Camp came to life in 1926 on the shores of Lake McWain, based on the founders’ simple but powerful idea: home and school aren’t enough for boys to build self-reliance and character. Close contact with nature is also essential. The founders—teachers and camp counselors— were compelled by another exceptional notion. Birch Rock would foster cooperation rather than competition, and boys could rely on mutual support while they tackled personal goals. This mission has always helped Birch Rock stand out among Maine summer camps.

Today, 90 boys and 35 counselors come from around the country and world to build a close, trusting community at Birch Rock each session. Boys take pleasure in the simplicity. Cabins are small and everyone abides by the credo “Help the Other Fellow.” Waterfront, field, and campcraft activities are exciting, and boys work hard with each other to master new skills and earn badges. Campers go off on wilderness adventures and learn to face the rigors of nature together. A boy’s energy, curiosity and sense of fun are strengths here and are put to good use.

Boys Sleepaway Camp in Waterford MaineBecause camp life is completely engrossing, there is no place for electronics here. Cell phones, laptops, iPods, and even watches are left at home. Boys connect with their families by old-fashioned letter writing, and parents eagerly await those precious letters.
Everyone takes great pride in the fact that campers and counselors return summer after summer to this camp on the hill. Birch Rockers hold fast to the camp’s values, and they eagerly pass along cherished traditions and rituals to each new generation of campers.

Why does this camp inspire such passionate loyalty? We’ll let Birch Rockers tell you in their own words about this unique boys sleep away camp in Waterford Maines as you explore this website.

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