What a Day for a Hike!

September 19, 2017   Published by

On Saturday, September 16, the Birch Rock Outing Club was launched with an inaugural hike in the White Mountains. This hike drew an impressive cross-section of the Birch Rock Community, including campers and Family campers, counselors, current and former trip directors, staff (including medical staff), parents, alumni, trustees, friends, and  . . .  dogs.  There... Read More »

Announcing the Birch Rock Outing Club

August 30, 2017   Published by

To all Birch Rock campers, alums, and families (past, present and future): We are announcing the BIRCH ROCK OUTING CLUB to allow us to get together in outdoors during the fall, winter, and spring. We will have our inaugural hike on September 16, 2017 on Welch-Dickey Loop Trail in Thornton, NH.  Here are the details:... Read More »

August 20 – Family Camp 2017

August 21, 2017   Published by

Woah! Let me catch my breath. Since late Thursday afternoon, this camp has been buzzing. But not with boys running up and down the hill at lightning speeds, or boys vying to earn badges. This weekend, Birch Rock Camp for Boys was peopled with families who spruced up camp one final time as Birch Rock... Read More »

August 11 – That’s A Wrap!

August 12, 2017   Published by

It’s finally upon us. The last day of camp! How do you summarize a summer of such excellence and fellowship? Well, a good way to start it is to celebrate a pillar of camp. The staff gathered together at breakfast and sang a rowdy rendition of “Gaston” from Beauty and the Beast, substituting the name... Read More »

August 10 – Frisbee Masters and the Banquet

August 11, 2017   Published by

Today started out with our fourth annual Frisbee Masters.  Three groups went through the whole campus shooting on 18 difficult holes, but the good news was there was no wind today.  The winner and current record holder Stu W won with -17.  The previous record was Luke F in 2016, who won with -12.  Great... Read More »

August 9 – BEACH DAY!

August 11, 2017   Published by

We had an amazing day at Scarborough Beach! After dinner, it was down to the waterfront for the Strut Contest. So many great names written on the camper’s hands.  These names are then often “performed” on the catwalks during the camper’s strut.  

August 8 – Scout Fire!

August 9, 2017   Published by

Last night was Scout Fire! Zach Lashley and the Stafford Brothers led us all in fun songs, skits and good times.  This marks the start of our wrap up to camp for the 2017 season, let’s finish with incredible memories of a glorious season on the shores of McWain.

August 7 – Just A Regular Day… Right?

August 8, 2017   Published by

With one of the last regular activity days upon us, camp was forced to dial back the crazy and focus on the hard stuff. Badge parts went flying today as instructors started wrapping up the year, especially down on the water! Two monumental Whales went out this morning, as Andrew C. and Noah B. circled... Read More »

August 6 – Races, Ragnarok, and Role Models

August 8, 2017   Published by

How do you do justice to one of the best days of the year? Well, I’ll try my best! Hot on the heels of an extraordinary Campfire, Sunday proved to be another day chock full o’ fun! It all kicked off with a Viking invasion from the waterfront (courtesy of Halfthor the Bewildered and several... Read More »

August 5 – Celebrate with the Celebration

August 7, 2017   Published by

The Celebration Barn in South Paris, ME sent by a road show today.  The four great actors performed a variety of skits with singing, dancing, acting and lots of humor.  Afterwards they had a 40 minute workshop with the kids. Camp Fire was EPIC! It was a great day!  


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