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Safety at Our Summer Camp in Maine for Boys

“As a first-time camp mom, I was nervous about my son’s health: who would protect him from sunburn, what would happen if he got a fever or broke a bone? Once I realized how exceptional the camp nurse is, I was completely reassured. Our boys are so fortunate to have Cathy at Birch Rock. She’s highly trained, and she is wonderfully nurturing with the campers.” – A BRC Mother

Summer Camp in Maine for Boys

The safety and welfare of our campers and staff is our first and foremost concern. Birch Rock – a summer camp in Maine for boys – upholds the highest standards of accreditation by the American Camp Association and guidelines set forth by the state of Maine. Birch Rock’s health care is directed by Cathy Roland, a pediatric nurse practitioner with long experience. At camp, Cathy lives and works full time at the Brewster Health Lodge, a first-class facility built in 2008 to provide both comfort and privacy for campers requiring medical attention.

“Your child is our child when we have him for the summer,” Cathy assures parents. “If the child has something wrong, I’m going to be his mom until you get here. So, take a deep breath, close your eyes, and know that he is loved when he is at Birch Rock.”

Summer Camp in Maine for BoysIf a camper or staff member needs a doctor’s care, Birch Rock has an established relationship with the medical staff at Stephen’s Memorial Hospital in Norway, Maine, just ten miles from camp.
All campers and staff are required to have updated health profiles and medical coverage prior to the start of the season. Careful monitoring of campers’ personal health and hygiene are paramount to our mission. All campers are screened on opening day, before and after trips and at the end of the summer, in case Cathy needs a health issue brought to her attention.

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