What They Say About Birch Rock…

“Never before has our son come home from camp and spoken so consistently of ‘we’ and ‘us.’ The rituals, the inside jokes, the way they know and accept each other’s vulnerabilities… it’s all part of the male bonding experience in all its corny and wonderful glory. When they spend the rest of the year maintaining a Facebook façade, never quite giving themselves to others, it makes me happy to know that there’s a place where they are each valued and unequivocally accepted…a place where their whole is greater than the sum of their parts. This is the rising of a new generation of Birch Rock leaders and I’m so grateful for the others who have paved the way. To this day, my closest friends—my deepest water—are Birch Rockers, many of whose names appear with mine on that first plaque on the porch of Pete’s Palace.” – Alumnus and parent Seth, Meredith, NH

“At Birch Rock, we work hard to teach campers the skills they need to tackle increasingly challenging wilderness adventures. If boys have an inspiring early experience, they can develop into resourceful and confident young men who feel at home in the woods. Few things in life are more exhilarating and empowering than that.”- Trustee, parent, former camp director Dave, Ellicott City, MD

“Those who find their way to my camp I will treat the way counselors treated me, as the valuable future of the tradition of the outdoors. I know that they will recognize and benefit from the potent friendship that occurs when modern comforts are left behind and a steep trail or a long river lies ahead.” – Counselor Harry, New York, NY

“I grew up at Birch Rock. I’ve learned a lot, but mostly it boils down to a couple of things. First, ‘Help the Other Fellow’ is important. Not only in reminding me to be more giving and caring of others, but that sometimes I need help. Second, friends matter. Although I travel often and live far away from many friends, they are there for me. I am there for them. Friendship is not bound by age or location, but by our mutual trust and respect. Third, I can succeed. At camp I took on long-term challenges that seemed near impossible when I started but were doable by the time I was ready for them—the Whale (5 mile swim around the lake), getting perfect ‘4s’ for daily cabin inspection, advanced badges, etc.” – Former camper and staff member Thomas, Montagnola, Switzerland

“Birch Rock has given me a reason to wake up and smile every morning.” – Camper Nathan, Darien, CT

“I would not be the person I am today without the skills and experiences that Birch Rock has given me. BRC instills a sense of brotherhood and community that is hard to find anywhere else.” – Counselor Gabe, Newton, MA

“It has become impossible to think of our son’s life without Birch Rock. He loves it all — the activities, the independence, the relationships, the beautiful setting — and, of course, the food! Birch Rock is an immensely meaningful part of our son’s life.” – Parents Susan & Joe, Waterville, ME

“I am forever grateful for the amazing care and encouragement Asa receives each and every year. That he has such an incredible group of boys, young men, and adults who live, play, challenge, explore, and grow together is one of life’s greatest gifts for both of us.” – Parent Karen, Newton, MA

“Birch Rock is the best thing we can give to our sons — a chance to leave the humdrum world, and enter an enchanted place of cabin buddies and camp craft and Capture the Flag.” – Parent Frances, Larchmont, NY

“I’ve come full circle with Birch Rock. Some 30 years ago, I proudly showed my parents my well-made bed in Cabin 7. This past summer our son showed us his equally well-made bed in Cabin 7. Long live Birch Rock cabin inspections! When I visit camp now I’m struck by how much has stayed the same—the rugged walking trails, the white-washed cabins, and especially the firm, welcoming handshakes of the staff.” – Parent and Birch Rock Trustee Win, Scarborough, ME

“We are very grateful for the care and thoughtfulness of the staff. Your program matched our son’s temperament perfectly, meeting his emotional and social needs.” – Parent Sheila, Jericho, VT

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